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Frequently asked questions

At Allanda we help people with bladder weakness or continence problems and are asked many questions relating to incontinence and our products. Listed below are a few of the more common questions that you should find helpful.

We are confident that in our range you will be able find a suitable product for your condition to help you keep dry and fresh, and enjoy an active lifestyle with no concerns.

If you have any other questions please just call one of our incontinence advisors on our Free Phone Customer Careline on 0800 999 5565 . You can also email us or request a catalogue using our discreet Help and Advice Email Form Click Here.

Your questions and answers

Q - What are Disposable pads?
A - Absorbent pads that you use and dispose of inside a plastic bag in your regular rubbish bin.

Q - Why do you have so many different pads?
A - Because you need different pads for different levels of protection, also to take account of body shape, weight, and lifestyle. With people living longer and generally more healthy, even fit and healthy people may have slight bladder weaknesses and want something to help out in an active lifestyle.

Q - What makes your absorbent pads so effective?
A - Pad technology is moving ahead all the time. Pads today are more absorbent and have leg barriers to prevent leakage. Modern absorbent pads now provide relief for most conditions keeping you dry, comfortable and confident. Our pads contain long fibre fluff pulp that speeds absorbency. Long fibres knit together firmly and won't fall apart when wet. The pads absorb liquid fast and retain it after initial absorption even when sitting. Also the built-in deodoriser means you stay fresh even after several hours.

Q - Can I use DryForLife products for very light bladder weakness?
A - Certainly. You will find our lighter weight absorbent products are of an equal if not higher quality than the "big brand names" you find on the high street. The benefits you have with the DryForLife range are the best quality and value combined with the discreet, convenient service of mailorder delivery!

Q - Can you flush disposable pads down the toilet?
A - No. On no account put pads down the toilet. Simply wrap tightly in a plastic bag and put in your rubbish sack.

Q - If I feel the pad is getting too wet should I use two pads?
A - No. You should go up to a higher absorbency pad. You should only ever use one pad. If in doubt please ring and we will advise you.

Q - How often should I change a disposable pad?
A - A disposable pad, once wet can be kept on for about 4 hours. With a bed patient, pads have a wetness indicator that will tell the amount of liquid absorbed. Change as needed.

Q - I Seem to be getting leakage?
A - This could be one of three reasons:- No.1, the pad could be back to front. Absorbent part should be next to skin. No.2, Pad not properly prepared. Leakage barriers of pad not pulled out and put in place. 3. Pads and pants too loose. You may need smaller size pants and/or Stretch Pants to hold your pad securely in position. If the correct pad is being used securely in position, you should get no leaks. Never fold a pad in half, due to the waterproof backing this never works. A pad should always be correctly in place.

Q - My pad doesn't seem to be absorbing as well as it should?
A - This is not common but barrier creams and talcum powder if they get all over the absorbent side of a pad can effect its absorbency. Use talc and barrier creams sparingly.

Q - Where do I measure for the size of my pants?
A - Women, measure around the hips at widest point. Men, round the waist at narrowest point.

Q - What do you recommend for really heavy incontinence?
A - Two types of pad. Type D, Disposable Shaped Pads with leg barriers to prevent leakage. Also Type F, Unisex Disposable Total Protection Pads. This is like an adult nappy. It has velcro style tabs for easy putting on and taking off and holding the pad very securely in place. The pad always feels dry and has built in deodouriser for freshness. This is the ultimate in protection.

Q - Am I entitled to buy pants and pads Vat free?
A - Yes. Thanks to government tax allowances for medical related products you do not pay any VAT on continence related items. We have deducted the VAT from all the items in the DryForLife range that qualify for VAT exemption so the prices you see are what you pay.

Q - Can you send me a regular monthly supply of pads?
A - Yes. Quite a lot of customers do this so they don't run out. If you want to cancel the arrangement or change the amount please just pick up the phone and let us know your requirements and we will arrange this for you.

We hope the questions answered above have been helpful, and if you need any further help please call one of our incontinence advisors on our Freephone Advice Helpline FREEPHONE 0800 999 5565 and we will be happy to help.

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