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Just a few words to you, our valued customer. We fully understand the sensitive nature of any condition associated with bladder weakness or incontinence and would like to assure you of our careful attention to ensure your enquiries are dealt with in a discreet and confidential manner.

We're here to help

If you're not sure how to deal with a bladder weakness or continence problem you may have, read the information below and if you still have any questions please feel free to call our Discreet Advice Helpline on 0800 999 5565 and ask for one of our incontinence advisors who will be pleased to help. Or use our discreet advice/enquiry service Click Here.

What is Incontinence and do other people suffer from it?

Incontinence can be simply described as the passing of urine or bowel movements, without control, often at inappropriate times and places. As many as one in four women and one in ten men will suffer from this problem at some point in modern living. Fortunately there are modern products to keep you dry and comfortable for every level of problem.

Causes of bladder weakness and incontinence

Some of the more common causes of incontinence are weakened pelvic muscles due to old age or after childbirth, and during menopause. Also prostrate problems in men, plus numerous medical conditions that affect bladder control.

How do I deal with my problem?

To get you started in choosing the right products for your condition, simply follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 1 - Establish the level of protection you need.
Step 2 - Review the products suitable for your level.
Step 3 - Which type of product should you choose.
Step 4 - Options for descreet and confidential ordering.

(see our how to order page for ordering information)

• If you have any questions at all, please call our incontinence advisors on our Freephone Advice Helpline to help you choose suitable products for your needs. 0800 999 5565

Step 1 - Establish the level of protection you need

To help you find the best products for your needs we have four basic levels of incontinence that will describe your condition. All our pants and pads will be associated with at least one of these levels.

Level 1 (Light Incontinence) - Often called stress incontinence is most common in women and is sometimes associated with pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. In men it can sometimes follow prostrate surgery. Symptons include small losses of urine or occasional drops when sneezing, coughing, bending etc..

Level 2 (Moderate Incontinence) - Also known as urge incontinence, larger overflow losses such as when not reaching the toilet in time, losing a small amount but not a bladder full. Including men when not quite finished or urine loss after a visit to the toilet.

Level 3 (Heavy Incontinence) - Being unable to stop once flow has started. Bladder empties without warning. Also urine loss during sleep causing bed wetting.

Level 4 (Severe Incontinence) - Those suffering from more severe conditions who require extra protection due to loss of bladder control or heavy faecal incontinence.

• Now you should have an idea of how your condition is associated with a "level" of protection and you can continue to decide the best types of product suitable for you.

Step 2 - Review the products suitable for your level

Level 1 (Light incontinence) Level 3 (Heavy incontinence)
Level 2 (Moderate incontinence) Level 4 (Severe incontinence)

The suitability chart below should be used as a starting point, and we recommend trying different products until you find the combination you are most comfortable with.

Disposable Absorbent Pads Suitable for
Type A Unisex Stick-on Shaped Pad Level 1, 2
Type B Unisex Standard Pad Level 1, 2
Type C Unisex Stick-on Standard Pad Level 1, 2
Type D Unisex Shaped Pad Level 2, 3, 4
Type E Unisex Stick-on Standard Pad Level 2, 3
Type F Unisex All in One Pad Level 2, 3, 4
Type G Mens Stick-On Shaped Pad Level 1
Type M Mens Stick-On Shaped Pad Level 2
Type P Unisex Bariatric All in One Pad Level 3,4
TLADY-EP Tena Lady Extra Plus Level 1
TMEN-L2 Tena for Men Level 1
The DryForLife range of disposable pads are designed for use with our range of pants and in some cases can be used with regular underwear.
Disposable Pants Suitable for
Type 25 Unisex Disposable Pants Level 2
TPANTS-D Ladies Tena Pants Discreet Level 1, 2
TPANTS-P Ladies Tena Pants Plus Level 2, 3
Washable Pants that use Disposable Pads Suitable for
Type 01 Unisex Pants for Disposable Pads Level 1, 2
Type 07 Womens Pants for Disposable Pads Level 1, 2
Type 10 Unisex Pants for Disposable Pads Level 1, 2, 3, 4
Type 23 Mens Pants for Disposable Pads Level 2
Washable Pants that have Built-In Pads Suitable for
Type 04 Mens Pants with Built-in Pad Level 1
Type 06 Womens Pants with Built-in Pad Level 1
Type 08 Unisex Pants with Built-in Pad Level 1, 2
Type 26 Mens Pants with Built-in Pad Level 1

• Now you have an idea of which products are most suitable for your level of incontinence, you can decide which type of protection you prefer.

Step 3 - Which type of product should you choose

The information given below will also help you choose the right products, and
we often find that our customers will try different types of pants, pads and
absorbencies until they find a combination that is most effective and comfortable for them.

Disposable or Washable? - As a general rule your primary concerns when buying incontinence products, should be your health, hygiene and comfort and for this reason, we recommend disposable products as the best solution for most conditions. Whilst washable products may offer some savings over time they are often not the most suitable or practical option for the user. Disposables are available for all levels of incontinence and are the easiest to live with on a day to day basis.

Absorbency - For each absorbent product you will find an absorbency value in Millilitres (ml). This should be used only as a guide to the product you choose. For example, when trying a pad for the first time you may find that it was not quite absorbent enough. In this case you would simply choose a higher absorbency for your next order.

For your information: One fluid ounce (1fl oz) is equal to 30 millilitres (ml) and One Pint (20 fl oz) is approx 600 millilitres (ml)

The right size pants and pads - To get the best from all absorbent pads it is important that they are worn close to the body and held firmly in place. This will prevent circulation of air, and reduce the chances of sore skin, odours or leakage.
Try a size smaller pant - A good tip is to try a size pants smaller than you think you need - remember the pants need to be very close fitting.
Extra pad support - For a little extra comfort and to help the pad stay in place, we recommend using stretch pants that can be used in combination with pants and pads to hold everything firmly in place.

How to measure yourself

This is easy for men and women and will ensure you order the right size. Remember to allow for the pads to be held firmly and close to the skin, so don't make your size too big.

• Women and Girls - Please measure at the widest point of the HIPS
• Men and Boys - Please measure at the narrowest point of the WAIST

Step 4 - When you're ready to order

Now you have read the information to help you make your choice, you can browse the Dry-For-Life range to find the products you would like to try. For information on How to Order Click Here

Is there is anything else we can help you with?

Remember we want you to find the most suitable products for your condition to ensure you achieve complete hygienic protection. With modern technology and materials you can keep dry, comfortable, and enjoy an active lifestyle with no concerns.

So, if you have any questions at all, please call one of our incontinence advisors on our Freephone Advice Helpline to help you choose suitable products for your needs.

Call us on 0800 999 5565

Live your life the way you want... safe, sure & confident, with DryForLife and Allanda.
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