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Incontinence underwear

Incontinence underwear are a fact of life for the three to six million people in the UK alone who have the condition, and millions of people worldwide. Patients who suffer from incontinence often feel embarrassed and ashamed. Incontinence may lead to urinary tract infections and skin breakdown due to the chronically moist environment that incontinence causes. Buying the right incontinence products may be bewildering for the newly incontinent. Whether incontinence is long-standing or a new condition, using the right products is crucial to comfort, security, and remaining free of odor and potential infection. The following article will describe types of incontinence underwear and their use in adults and children.

Keys DryForLife has been supplying reliable, affordable, and comfortable incontinence products for over 40 years. With the ability to order on-line and have products delivered, DryForLife also offers discreetness and privacy. Customers can call, e-mail, or order a catalogue on-line to learn about the unique products provided. DryForLife offers a wide range of products to suit the customer’s needs. Incontinence underwear are some of their many products and are made for children and adults, both male and female.

Incontinence Underwear for Juniors

Incontinence in children is not uncommon. Causes of incontinence in children are different than in adults, but the end result is the same, and can cause much embarrassment in the affected child. As opposed to adults, boys are twice as likely to be incontinent as girls. Children often outgrow incontinence; in the meantime, they may be in need of incontinence underwear. DryForLife can meet the child’s need for protective garments with the following products:

Incontinence Underwear for Women

In adults, incontinence is twice as likely to affect women. Pregnancy and childbirth are the main reasons. Many women who are incontinent feel so embarrassed by their condition that they may feel depressed and become socially isolated. Choosing the right incontinent products will help to ensure that women who suffer from incontinence feel secure and comfortable, so that they may enjoy their usual lifestyle and activities. DryForLife has several styles of incontinence underwear to meet these needs.

Incontinence Underwear for Men

Millions of men are affected by incontinence as well, and suffer the same negative emotions towards their condition as women. They may feel even more isolated than women as, in general, women are more likely to talk about embarrassing topics than men are. Keys DryForLife has several choices in men’s underwear that will provide discreetness and comfort, regardless of the wearer’s level of activity.

Unisex Incontinence Underwear

Keys DryForLife also supplies several options in unisex disposable underwear.

Incontinence is a common affliction for men, women, and children, and causes negative feelings of shame and embarrassment. Feeling secure and confident is possible with the right choice in incontinence products. Keys DryForLife has been providing affordable, discreet, and comfortable products for over 40 years. Incontinence sufferers can choose from a wide range of products to suit their needs. DryForLife offers discreetness and privacy by providing several options for the convenience of their customers. Customers may call, email, or request an on-line catalogue to see for themselves the quality and range of products provided, including incontinence underwear. Their site may be viewed at

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