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Incontinence sheets

Both adults and children can suffer from incontinence. Incontinence is the involuntary release of urine or stool at inappropriate times. Distressing for the person who suffers from it, it can also be an expensive malady if it leads to the ruin of furniture or mattresses, as these items are costly and not easily replaced. Keys DryForLife supplies several options in incontinence sheets, mattress protectors, and bed pads to protect beds and other furniture. DryForLife products are of excellent quality and are affordable. DryForLife has been supplying quality incontinence products for over 40 years, and their ability to deliver their product to the customer offers discreteness and privacy. The following article will describe some of the products sold by Keys DryForLife for the protection of beds and furniture, and qualities that such products should have.

Incontinence Sheets, Mattress Covers, and Bed Pads

There are several varieties of sheets, covers, and pads made and sold by DryForLife:

There are several qualities that those who suffer from incontinence should look for when purchasing incontinence sheets, mattress covers, and bed pads. These qualities include being affordable, washable (excepting disposable products), noise-proof, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and absorbent:

Incontinence in adults and children is common, and can lead to distress and embarrassment, as well as necessitating the need for changes in lifestyle. The use of incontinence products can ease this burden and prevent the costly replacement of articles stained by involuntary leakage of urine or faeces. Incontinence products should meet several criteria: they should be affordable, washable (or easy to dispose of), noiseless, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and, most importantly, absorbent. Keys DryForLife has been supplying products that meet these requirements for over 40 years. DryForLife incontinence sheets, mattress pads, and bed pads are available for purchase on-line or by phone order. To make an enquiry or to place an order, visit

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