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Tena Incontinence Products

Many people mistakenly believe that incontinence is a problem that plagues the elderly or the infirm. The truth is that people of all ages, whether young or old, healthy or not, can suffer from incontinence. If you suffer from incontinence, or the involuntary leakage of urine, today’s products, such as Tena incontinence products, offer a full line of comfortable and discreet products that can help you cope with incontinence, whether it is a temporary problem or a long-standing condition.

Younger people who suffer from incontinence may lead a more active lifestyle than do older individuals, and thus may have higher expectations from their incontinence products than do older people. While anyone needing to use incontinence products wants a product that offers superior absorbency, younger people may be more concerned about discreetness and ability to continue in their active lifestyle than their elderly counterparts. Tena incontinence products offer both of these qualities, as well as other desirable qualities, such as comfort and affordability. Tena enjoys a reputation for quality products to suit a range of needs, and has been one of the leaders in the incontinence industry for many years.

Tena incontinence products include a line of absorbent pads designed to be used for light, moderate and heavy leakage. Individuals of all ages will appreciate their comfortable and discreet design, as well as the fact that they allow for easy changing of products. Men’s and women’s pads are uniquely contoured to suit differing anatomy, with the women’s pads wicking moisture away to the core, keeping delicate tissue dry and comfortable. Men’s Tena incontinence products are designed to absorb at the front of the pad, where protection is most needed.

Tena pants are another option for individuals coping with incontinence. Many people prefer incontinence pants to pads, mainly due to the fact that they look and feel just like normal underwear. They are made of a material which makes them virtually undetectable underneath regular clothing and may be more likely to stay in place for people who lead a very active lifestyle. These products may be more suitable for those who experience heavy leakage, and can also be used for fecal incontinence. Odor control is one of the mainstays of Tena incontinence products, increasing confidence and security among users of all ages.

Incontinence is not just a problem of the elderly; Tena recognizes this fact, and offers products to suit everyone from the young to the old, active and sedentary, with incontinence ranging from mild and temporary to severe and constant. No matter the cause of incontinence, Tena has “something for everyone”, offering security, comfort and affordability.

DryForLife is proud to add Tena incontinence products to their own highly successful line of incontinence products, providing their customers with a wider range of choices and styles of incontinence products to suit their needs, and ensuring that no matter what your age, incontinence need not hamper your lifestyle. Click here to see the full range of  Tena incontinence products.

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