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Incontinence Pads

In this section you will find our complete range of unisex absorbent incontinence pads for use with the various pants on the mens and womens pages. For help with choosing the right pads see our Help and Advice page.
• Please note that some of the pads do not need to be used with special pants and can be used with normal underwear. These are: Type A and Type C. We do however recommend Type D pads to be used with Type 10 Stretch Mesh Pants. As always we recommend you try different combinations of Pads and Pants until you find the most comfortable and effective combination for you.
• All Absorbent Pads qualify as VAT Free. The VAT has been deducted from these items, so the price you see is the price you pay

For help or advice, please call us on Freephone 0800 051 7729

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TYPE C - Lille Classic Rectangular Pads - PE Backed
Suitable for incontinence level:
1 (Light), 2 (Moderate)
A compact disposable pad of absorbent material with a breathable waterpro...
Our prices from: 3.99    •Click here to view details...
TYPE A - Lille Suprem Light Small Shaped Pads
Suitable for incontinence level:
1 (Light), 2 (Moderate)
Suitable for men and women, the new 'bone' shaped pad (wider at front and back) pr...
Our prices from: 5.99    •Click here to view details...
TYPE D - Lille Suprem Form Large Shaped Pads
Suitable for incontinence level:
2 (Moderate), 3 (Heavy), 4 (Severe)
Super absorbent shaped pads for those who suffer moderate to severe inconti...
Our prices from: 7.99    •Click here to view details...
TYPE 25 - Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants
Suitable for incontinence level:
2 (Moderate), 3 (Heavy)
These protective disposable pull up pants have an extra absorbent core which provides con...
Our prices from: 11.99    •Click here to view details...
TYPE F - Lille Suprem Fit All in Ones
Suitable for incontinence level:
3 (Heavy), 4 (Severe)
The total protection pad provides an excellent solution for the management of severe incontinence...
Our prices from: 12.99    •Click here to view details...
TYPE 10 - Lille Stretch Support Pants
Suitable for incontinence level:
1 (Light), 2 (Moderate), 3 (Heavy), 4 (Severe)
These figure hugging, washable stretch pants are specially designed to hold absorbent insert pads securely in place. This reduces the risk o...
Our prices from: 4.99    •Click here to view details...
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