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Incontinence Aids

If you are incontinent of urine, whether occasionally or regularly, there are certain items that you will want to have to make coping with incontinence that much easier. Incontinence aids can help you to live your life freely, giving you the confidence to go about your daily routine without fear of embarrassing leaks. Let’s look at some of the "must-haves” of incontinence.

Shaped Contour Pads - These pads definitely top the list of must-have incontinence aids. Suitable for both men and women, these pads can be discreetly carried. They feature an adhesive backing that helps them to stay in place, firmly attached to undergarments. They are shaped for comfort and are wider at the front and back than in the middle. They are absorbent where they need to be. These pads can be disposed of easily and can also be changed easily.

Quilted Polycotton Mattress Covers - Mattress covers are the ultimate in incontinence aids, protecting your mattress, which is a sizable investment. The last thing you need to worry about at night is that you will have an accident, leaking urine onto your mattress. These mattress covers are made of a comfortable polycotton and are quilted for extra luxuriousness. They are elasticised to fit your mattress securely and will also fit deeper mattresses. Fully waterproof, these mattress covers are easily washed in your washing machine.

Washable All-in-One Pants - There may be times when you prefer not to wear an incontinence pad. For these occasions, you may choose to wear washable pants with a built-in pad. These are designed for both sexes and can be easily washed. They are very comfortable to wear and are discreet under clothing. They have a stay-dry surface that will prevent unwanted leaks. Because they are reusable, they are a cost-effective choice in incontinence aids.

Disposable Wet Wipes - Keeping your skin clean and dry can help to prevent painful irritation of delicate tissues. Wet wipes can be used when changing incontinence aids to remove any urine from your skin and help you feel fresh. Wet wipes contain Aloe Vera, which can help to both prevent and heal irritated skin. These wipes can be easily disposed of after use and are definite must-have items in incontinence care.

Premium Super Bed Pads - For times when you are traveling, you may wish to carry one of these disposable bed pads with you to protect the mattress you will be sleeping on. These pads are highly absorbent and can be disposed of if they become soiled. If they remain unsoiled, you can simply fold them up and take them with you. These pads are perfect for when you feel you want a little added insurance. The backing on these pads is rustle free, and the quilted absorbent wadding is suitable for holding large amounts of urine away from the body.

These five items are incontinence aids that you will find you simply must have.

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